The US is working on a new plan to export grain from Ukraine after the strike of the Russian Federation on the port of Odesa

The United States is working with Ukraine on a “Plan B” to take out grain as Russian troops attacked the port of Odesa. This was announced by the administrator of the US Agency for International Development USAID Samantha Power.

According to the head of the department, the contingency plan for the export of Ukrainian grain includes the use of road, rail and river transport, as well as sending barges and adjusting railway systems so that they are better aligned with European ones to speed up deliveries.

At the same time, Power expressed hope that the “grain agreement” signed in Istanbul on July 22 will begin to be respected, despite Russia’s attempts to turn away from the agreements. The head of USAID added that ensuring the supply of Ukrainian grain to the foreign market will help reduce the price of products.


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