5 main digital trends in 2023 – all this will be relevant in the New Year

There is a little more than a month left before the New Year 2023, which means it’s time not only to take stock of the years, but also to look into the future and, with the help of these trends, be in it right now.

  1. Using the Customer Data Platform (CDP)
    CDP is a marketing technology that aggregates customer data from multiple sources and then makes it available to other applications. With it, a business can bring all their data from sales to marketing together and sync it to create a customized omnichannel experience. By implementing CDP, you will receive a single database that stores complete information about your customers. This technology not only collects, but also analyzes data from all possible sources, thanks to which it can make recommendations and offer a holistic view of each client. All this will be relevant in 2023 and will increase business income.
  1. Employee engagement
    Efficient and friendly service is a key aspect of a positive customer experience. Most consumers will abandon a brand if its employees do not have enough knowledge to respond quickly to questions that arise, and poor staff attitude is a major factor that prevents people from doing business with the company. It is important to remember that employees are the face of your brand, so focusing on interactions between them and customers should be part of your marketing strategy. When you shift the responsibility of creating great customer service to your employees, you need to make sure they want your business to succeed as much as you do. That is why it is necessary to work on their involvement in work processes and motivation, so that each of them understands the mission and values of the brand and corresponds to them.
  1. Content visualization
    Today, “readable” content is no more important than visuals and design. Users pay great attention to the design, lingering where it is pleasant and interesting to be. Moreover, most people now prefer visual content to plain text. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of image-centric platforms such as Pinterest. This trend will be popular next year as well.
  2. Active personalization
    When a customer has two relatively similar products in front of them and needs to decide which one to buy, the choice is likely to be made in favor of the brand that has personalized their marketing processes. People love to hear their name and see it printed, and today’s technology allows digital marketing teams to determine what is troubling customers and what messages will solve their problems. Consumers are inundated with marketing messages from multiple channels to the point of ignoring them. Traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness, and personalized marketing messages, which create a real connection between the brand and the target market, allow you to attract attention. The use of artificial intelligence, combined with an increase in the collection of data and information from social networks and other sources, has made it possible to hyper-personalize everything from content to design.
  1. Application of conversational marketing
    There was a time when sales and customer service were formal processes and it took a long time to make a request. It was necessary to make a phone call, visit a store or use e-mail. Today, managers communicate with the audience through instant messages – it’s like talking to a friend. Today’s clients don’t want to talk to someone who follows a strict script. They need help that suits their needs and situation. They want to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible – immediately. And this must be taken into account.


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