Arpine Abrahamyan: Ukraine will definitely win

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war with Ukraine. Tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, planes entered our airspace, and missile launchers surrounded our cities. Until recently, it was difficult to believe what was happening, because Ukraine has always been a peaceful country.

Because of the war, millions of people are forced to leave their country. Ukrainians leave for other states, where they start life from scratch. However, most hope that they will have to live in another country only temporarily, as soon as the war ends, they will certainly return home. Arpine Abrahamyan, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, founder and co-owner of several progressive companies, also hopes for this. We talked with Arpine about the situation in Ukraine and how the whole world supports Ukraine at this difficult moment for her.

Arpine, did you immediately believe in what was happening or did you hope until the very end that it was a mirage?

On the morning of February 24, we woke up from explosions. At that moment, our world turned upside down. I wanted to think it was just a bad dream. But, unfortunately, this is a new terrible reality for all Ukrainians.

Ukraine is a peaceful nation that does not want to fight with anyone. But it also does not want anyone to encroach on its territory or sovereignty.

Was it difficult to leave the country?

Of course, but I think it was the only right choice. I am terribly scared, but I try not to panic, believe in the best and pray for our people, for Ukraine, and also help everyone as much as possible.

How are Ukrainians met in other countries?

I am grateful to all countries that accept our people and help them. The whole world supports us and believes in our victory.

All over the world you can see the symbols of our country. It is certainly very pleasant. The border guards are trying to address us in Ukrainian, saying: «‎Glory to Ukraine». At this moment, you understand that we are not alone, the whole world is behind us, and Ukraine will definitely win.

Do you think most Ukrainians will return home or stay abroad forever?

Based on communication with my compatriots, I can say with confidence that people mostly want to return home. There is certainly a percentage of people who want to get refugee status and want to stay somewhere in Europe. But the vast majority, as of now, want to return home.

We want to return, rebuild our country and live in peace. Ukrainians are a peaceful nation.

Will relations between Russia and Ukraine and between Ukrainians and Russians ever be restored?

Most Ukrainians have an extremely negative attitude towards Russians, and I don’t think that this can change for the better in the near future. This is a long and painful process. And this is the position of even those residents of Ukraine who, before February 24, were more loyal to Russia.

How do you feel about those Russians who believe that they personally cannot change anything?

Many Russians are now silent, considering themselves out of politics. The concept «‎we cannot change something» is alien to Ukrainians. We are used to the fact that if something is wrong in our country, we begin to change it.

Even before the escalation, the people of Russia told us that we do not understand what it means to go on a solo picket. Of course we don’t understand. After all, if something does not suit us, our people go on strike, we do it all together, we always support each other. And we strike until we are heard.

Our people are united, we are always ready to defend our opinion and fight for a better future for our children.

Thank you for the conversation. We sincerely hope that Ukraine will soon win, and all Ukrainians will see a peaceful sky above their heads.

So it will be. Glory to Ukraine!


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