Elena Pushina: Not a single day, not a single minute do I regret that I chose gynecology

In this issue, the article is purely on the topic of women, but, as we have already announced, Business ML Woman will be released. It is there that we will discuss everything related to business, health and beauty for women.

In the twentieth century, a new category of women appeared, who declared themselves with sufficient certainty. They are business ladies, women who are strong and self-fulfilling in life as much as possible.

Without good health, all their far-reaching plans are doomed to failure. Maintaining health contributes to success not only in career, but in all other aspects of life.

Today we talked with gynecologist Elena Pushina, who has been living in Portugal for many years. She told us about the importance of taking care of the intimate health.

How did you decide to become a doctor? Why did you choose gynecology as your specialization?

Many people ask me about this. From early childhood, I wanted to become a doctor. Many of my relatives were and are doctors of various specialties, but most of them were involved in surgery. Probably, looking at them and communicating with them, I always had the idea that I want to be a doctor, and I would be a doctor. And I succeeded.

When I had to choose a specialty, I hesitated between surgery and gynecology, but still made a choice in favor of gynecology. Not a single day, not a single minute do I regret that I chose gynecology.

I have been an obstetrician-gynecologist for 28 years. I love this profession more and more. My goal is to work as an obstetrician-gynecologist until the age of 70.

When I came here, I worked as a general practitioner. It was very difficult for me, because I needed to be introduced to general medicine, which is completely different from ours both in terms of language and in terms of approach to a patient. I always thought that maybe I would not be able to remain a general practitioner. Therefore, I did everything to be an obstetrician-gynecologist here. And I was able to achieve my goal.

When do you think you should visit a gynecologist? How often do you need to undergo preventive examinations?

A good detailed consultation with ultrasound is essential every year, whether you have complaints or not. Preventive care is definitely important. We always explain to a woman that there are moments that we do not feel, that we do not know, that we simply do not pay attention to because of our busyness. Therefore, it is necessary to make it a rule to undergo a complete examination once a year.

Every woman should do oncocytological examination according to the protocol every 2-3 years. Ultrasound examination is done annually, as I said. And we conduct an examination of the mammary glands during a consultation, and if necessary, we give a referral in order to make a more thorough examination of the mammary glands.

Modern women give birth later: you will not surprise anyone with a first pregnancy after 30 or 40 years. There are many business women among your clients. Have you noticed a trend of late motherhood among your patients?

I have noticed a trend of late motherhood among my patients and the female population in general, especially in Europe. A large number of women initially want to get on their feet and only then start a family. It’s probably not bad. But we must understand that if a woman is healthy, she can give birth from 30 to 40 years. The ideal age for the birth of children, of course, as we say, have said and will continue to say, is up to 35 years, because the quality of the eggs remains good, full-fledged until the age of 35. Therefore, doctors recommend giving birth to at least the first child before the age of 35.

As for motherhood after 40, I noticed that it is very difficult to get pregnant and endure a full pregnancy. We almost always give hormonal support, because this is a high-risk pregnancy. We almost always recommend genetic testing, both invasive and non-invasive, to rule out genetic disorders.

Therefore, my opinion is that after all, if possible, then before the age of 40 you should get pregnant at least for the first time.

Most of the business women, in your experience, first try to succeed, and then think about children? Or do some people manage to combine motherhood with building a career?

Most of the business women, in my experience, first try to take place, and then think about children. I also wanted to make a career first, and then start a family.

If someone manages to combine motherhood and career, then in most cases this is with the support of the husband, parents and close people. Because raising a child alone and making a career is almost impossible. Although I know such women who decided to have a child alone, but on the other hand, the child will probably suffer, because the mother is at work all the time. The child is forced to stay with a babysitter from the first days of life, so they are deprived of maternal love and affection.

Experts note a decline in the birth rate in Europe. Do you think that this was influenced by the fact that women got the opportunity to develop and work on an equal basis with men? Or do you see some other reasons for the decline in the birth rate?

I would not say that there is a noticeable drop in the birth rate. Maybe we are talking about some insignificant fractions of a percentage. As far as I can see, even in Portugal, women give birth no less than they gave it 5 years ago. Although in connection with the events of today, of course, I think that we will see this, but a little later.


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