Luna House: place where world travelers can feel at home

Located in amazing Cascais, Luna House aims to be your one-stop all in one facility! We managed to score an exclusive interview with one of the founders, Eva Hable to get more insight on why this lifestyle hub is your go-to place.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business? What inspired you to start a lifestyle hub?

I have started this adventure with my friend and now business partner, Lena Matveieva. I have some art and design experience and Lena comes from a hospitality background. She had this dream of opening an amazing bed & breakfast, where world travelers and digital nomads can feel at home. A place designed with care, full of  greenery and calming energy but at the same time vibrant with activities and events. I loved her passion and thought her vision can translate just as well into a coworking hub. We combined these ideas and Luna House was born.

Luna House is a place where people can stay, work, and communicate with others. In your opinion, what is the uniqueness of your project? What makes you different from your competitors? 

I think we are filling a gap in the Cascais market. Lisbon is exploding with innovative hubs, but somehow that creativity hasn’t reached Cascais yet. We wanted to offer the local community a unique place where they can rest, work and socialize.

Luna House organizes a lot of events and various kinds of activities (in particular yoga, brunches, board games) for its clients. Tell us in more detail about it. Is it only for members or is it open for everyone? 

At the moment, our events are open to everyone, but our guests and coworkers have priority on bookings and access for free or at a discounted rate. We are starting with yoga 3 times a week, hikes twice a month and brunch once a month. My personal favorite is a monthly board game night, it’s such a fun, creative way to strategise and socialize. We are also planning compelling one off events and partnerships around food & wine, art & crypto world, charity & networking. Inspired by the input and feedback of our members, we will add more things as the Luna House community grows. You can check upcoming events at our online calendar.

In terms of marketing, what are the go-to marketing strategies?

We are present on various on-line and social media platforms, but our most successful strategy is word of mouth.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs that are just starting out?

Putting in a lot of hard work and doing it with passion, diligence and creativity is what we at Luna House believe in. I must add that seeing something you helped create come to life is an amazing, fulfilling feeling.


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