British publishing house released a scandalous article about Martin Scorsese: the director was supported by Guillermo del Toro

The Critic published an article by Sean Egan, in which he criticized the films of Martin Scorsese (yes, this also happens). Moreover, the author of the article called the film “Goodfellas” “an accidental masterpiece.” Director Guillermo del Toro could not get past, to put it mildly, such a misunderstanding.

The article caused a little shock among filmmakers. One of those who decided to support Scorsese was the director of The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro.

“So many misconceptions, careless inaccuracies and hostile adjectives with no real justification are insulting, cruel and malicious. This article is designed to drive traffic, but at what cost?” — wrote the director on Twitter.

“Much of the article is akin to condemning Picasso for ‘wrong perspective’ or Gauguin for ‘brightness’,” the director compared.

“If God offered me to shorten my life in order to extend the life of Scorsese, I would agree. This man understands cinema. Protects cinema. Brings cinema. He always fought for art and was against the industry. He never obeyed anyone and firmly entered history, ”said del Toro.

“Reading such articles that hit the most wise and charitable, I feel the impending collapse of culture and ask myself: for what? And I find myself at a loss, ”the director finished his words.


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