Military creates a virtual universe: how and why soldiers use VR technologies

Not only geeks from Silicon Valley are interested in creating a metaverse, but also startups, contractors and investors who work for the defense industry. The key technologies needed for the metaverse — augmented and virtual reality, 3D simulations, special gadgets, and virtual environments created by artificial intelligence — are already being used in the defense industry.

AR Red6 technology combines elements of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and video game graphics. It operates with lower latency than consumer AR or VR headsets, is designed to operate in extreme environments, and is more reliable than commercial counterparts. With its help, fighter pilots can engage in virtual battles with enemy aircraft – China and the Russian Federation. According to the CEO of Red6 developer Daniel Robinson, technology control can be transferred from a person to artificial intelligence. Now the company is working on a platform that will allow to display many different scenarios in augmented or virtual reality.

“What we’re developing is a metaverse for the military,” says Robinson. “It’s like a multiplayer video game.”


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