Tiffany & Co will turn an NFT image into a diamond pendant

Jewelry House Tiffany & Co. launches NFTiff service to turn NFTs into real jewelry, reports WWD. The program will be presented to Cryptopunk NFT owners, who will be able to purchase a jeweled pendant featuring their prized avatar.

The initiative was led by Cryptopunk owner and Tiffany’s EVP of Products and Communications, Alexandre Arnault. In April, he was surprised by a surge of interest when he posted an image of a custom-made Tiffany pendant that looked like his cryptopunk #3167. Now, about 250 other cryptopunk owners will be able to make a similar pendant featuring their avatar.

“They are digital only, unique, very well stored on the blockchain and obviously shareable. I’m excited about the NFT collecting community – these people don’t necessarily have much in common, but they share the same interest in the same species.” art,” he said.


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