US Elections: Republican Party “Fired” Donald Trump

Lieutenant Governor of the US state of Georgia Republican Jeffrey Duncan commented on the election results, published on the evening of November 8. According to him, former US President Donald Trump is no longer the “face” of the Republican Party, as CNN writes.

The publication reports that instead of the former American president, the Republicans nominated the current governor of Florida, Ronald DeSantis, to the top of the list.

“It’s impossible to deny that Donald Trump was fired on Tuesday night. The search committee put forward several names at the top of the list, and Ron DeSantis is one of them. This is a solid leadership,” the lieutenant governor of Georgia said.

Against the background of these events, Jeffrey Duncan gave some advice to the representative of the Republicans in Georgia, ex-footballer Herschel Walker. He noted that in order to win the second round of voting, Walker should make several phone calls.

According to Duncan, Walker should contact former US leader Donald Trump and warn him to stay away from Georgia for the next month. He said that Trump would not help Walker in the elections and called the former American leader “toxic”. At the same time, Trump himself has previously publicly expressed his support for the former American football star.

Duncan also believes Walker’s call to Ron DeSantis will help win the Republican Party in Georgia.

“I would call Ron DeSantis and ask him to come to Georgia as often as possible in the next four weeks. That would be a recipe for victory for Herschel,” says the lieutenant governor.

Ronald DeSantis is known for his conservative stance on gender issues, abortion, and racial politics. The media do not exclude that in the future DeSantis intends to run for the presidency of the United States.


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