Cristiano Ferreira Vieira: We will always support the Ukrainians as much as we can

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war with Ukraine. Tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, planes entered our airspace, and missile launchers surrounded our cities. Until recently, it was difficult to believe what was happening, because Ukraine has always been a peaceful country.

The war ruins the lives of millions. All the world is helping Ukrainians as best it can. We talked to Cristiano Ferreira Vieira, a director of FMB, who has been working for 7 years in Benfica, about the war in Ukraine.

Christiano, there is the war in Ukraine, and we are aware that the fate of the Ukrainians are not indifferent to you. 

Yes. That’s why firstly, I would like to express my sympathy to all Ukrainians. I condemn the military attack on Ukraine.
The task of all people now is to support Ukraine in this difficult time. I live in Portugal, so I can say with confidence that our people are trying to help both refugees and those Ukrainians who have decided not to leave their country.

As far as we know, you have been helping to collect humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Tell us more about it.

We are doing whatever we can because this is an unspeakable tragedy that is happening in our home, in Europe. Through our efforts, thousands of boxes of food, clothing and first aid items have been sent to Ukraine. And we’re not going to stop. We will collect aid as long as the Ukrainians need it.

We heard that Benfica accepts little Ukrainian athletes in Portugal. Is it true?

Yes, that is true. There are several football schools from Benfica in Ukraine. Because of the war, we helped to evacuate athletes to Portugal. They are provided with free education and training here at the stadium of Benfica. We consider it our duty to help the boys who, due to the war, lost their home and the peaceful sky above their heads. We will always support the Ukrainians as much as we can.


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