The One Who Must Not Be Named: Why are Twitter employees comparing Elon Musk to Voldemort?

Twitter employees compare the new head of the company, Elon Musk, with the villain from the Harry Potter books, Voldemort. All because they are afraid to mention his name amid layoffs.

According to the publication, fears are related to Musk’s layoffs of employees who criticized him in the corporate Slack messenger (thus at least ten people lost their jobs). Now employees are worried that their not-so-pleasant remarks about the entrepreneur will be viewed by colleagues whom the new leader brought with him from Tesla.

“He is like Voldemort, or the one who must not be named. Everyone calls him “the guy upstairs” or “the new owner” so that in case his people check the chats for the words “Elon” and “Mask”, nothing fell out, ”said one of the employees of the company.


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