German Zara ad offends the Turks

The German ad for Zara has outraged the internet community. The brand showed off the shoes mounted on bread, which sparked an uproar. The residents of Turkey were especially hurt by the creativity. They noted that the advertisers acted stupidly. Shoes on bread – disrespect for bread.

Residents of Turkey were outraged that in an advertisement for a Spanish brand, bread is used as a stand for shoes. They claim that bread represents a blessing. If bread is seen lying on the road, then it is bypassed or transferred to another place.

In Turkey, they say that bread is above all, but for some reason they trample on it in Zara ads. The advertisers of the brand are required to apologize. Internet users are wondering if the bread that was used as a shoe rack was later eaten or not.

On Twitter, the hashtag #zarahaddinibil is now growing in popularity, which can be roughly translated as “Zara, know when to stop.” The brand is reminded that bread is a symbol of labor, justice and the unity of the people, and also that there are people in the world who are starving.


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