The Chainsmokers become the first band to perform in space

American duo The Chainsmokers will be the first group to perform in space. Andrew Taggart and Alex Poll will leave Earth in 2024.

The musicians have already signed a contract to participate in one of the first World View flights. They will go into orbit in a small capsule attached to a stratostat and play a gig.

“We have always dreamed of going to space and are excited to partner with World View to experience this adventure and new experiences. We know that the views of Earth and space will be incredible and inspiring, so we look forward to using this flight for creativity and future projects,” said Andrew Taggart and Alex Poll. One of their latest hits is called High, so they joked that they had to match.

World View CEO Ryan Hartman has already said that the super-popular The Chainsmokers were chosen to participate in the project in order to interest young audiences in space tourism.

Hartman also admitted that his son, who really likes The Chainsmokers songs, influenced the choice.

But in space, musicians will not be alone. Together with them, at least six more passengers will fly in the capsule. Out of the Earth they will stay from six to twelve hours. The maximum height that the World View ship can reach is 30,480 meters. At this height, there is still no weightlessness, but a person becomes a little lighter. A ticket to a comfortable capsule with all amenities costs about 75 thousand dollars.

Recall that The Chainsmokers is one of the most popular bands of recent years. Five of their Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 are: Closer, Paris, Don’t Let Me Down and Something Just Like This with Coldplay in 2017.


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