UWILL GLOBAL is a place of power for Russian-speaking women around the world

What does it take to build an international business that grows at a rate of over 400% a year?

The creators of the international women’s community UWILL GLOBAL LTD, the union of Russian-speaking women, which already has about 1,500 members from 46 countries, know the answer to this question for sure. And this is in just 2.5 years of the company’s existence.

UWILL provides its members with unlimited opportunities for learning and growth. The community’s mission is to unite women around the world for personal and business development. And the project’s success lies in the value of this task, in its significance for the audience.

The UWILL history began in London with the successful partnership of Yulia Titova and Ekaterina Burtseva and their common desire to make this world a better place by creating a global project that will open up great prospects for millions of ambitious and motivated women.

Ekaterina is a strategic manager and marketer, event organizer. Yulia is a serial entrepreneur, marketer with more than 14 years of experience, and networking expert. The experience of creating joint projects and personal entrepreneurial experience, coupled with a sense of inexplicable connection and understanding of each other, allowed the two young women to produce and develop an idea to a transnational level.

Initially, there was only a desire to create something large-scale. Ekaterina says: «‎When we realized that our partnership brings success to the project and pleasure to us, we decided that we could realize something more significant, weighty. The idea lived in our heads for a long time, until in June 2019 we arrived at the investment forum in Monaco, where the idea took shape and the project took on a name».

«‎We saw that everyone competes with each other, the topic of rivalry is widely popularized, and we always wanted to unite. We sincerely believe that in partnership people strengthen each other and are able, as they say, to move mountains, says Yulia. — That is why the word “united” came immediately, UWILL is an abbreviation for «‎ United Women». This is our message to the whole world: together we are strong!»

It is interesting that from the very beginning the project rested on two pillars — education and rallying. The project’s goal is to help the participants realize their potential, get super results, and tremendous growth through cooperation, exchange of experience, skills, and support for each other.

Yulia and Ekaterina obviously set out to surprise everyone and turn the usual order of things, and, judging by the results, they are doing it very well.

Initially, the UWILL community realized its mission through offline events, mainly in London. These were interesting networking events either in restaurants or bars. Participants simply bought a ticket to visit.

In December 2019, in just a month and a half, a large-scale UWILL forum was organized, which became the first women’s forum in London. Never before has anyone in London done this for a Russian-speaking audience. UWILL has managed to unite all local clubs, organizations, and specialists in related niches. It was a revolution in consciousness for many event industry veterans. It became obvious: the rule «‎strengthen each other by uniting» works.

But the tsunami of the pandemic, which hit not only the shores of foggy Albion but also the entire globe, forced them to quickly and effectively rebuild the business model and go online. The confident actions of Yulia and Ekaterina made it possible in a short time and without prejudice to the activities of the community and its members to introduce a subscription system and transfer all activity to the Internet.

Thus, the UWILL project experienced a rebirth. And on June 11, 2020, it celebrated its two-year anniversary on a grand scale — simultaneously in three cities offline and thirty-five countries online!

While businesses were shutting down everywhere, the UWILL community grew and became bigger, more interesting, and more meaningful.

Today, UWILL holds about 120 offline and online events monthly, has 16 representative offices, hundreds of successful cases of participants who have made a quantum leap in development thanks to the support of a strong environment and other project tools.

Over 19,000 women have already attended UWILL events around the world. Among the most notorious ones were the business forum, which was attended by top speakers in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, psychology, and the UWILL Awards in Dubai for 250 people. It is worth saying that the UWILL award is already a traditional annual ceremony, which celebrates the outstanding personal achievements of the participants in their own business, the most successful collaborations among the project members, and contribution to community development.

Even before the start of 2022, a plan of offline events for the whole year was prepared. Participants are waiting for amazing adventures! Among them are departure to Turkey, the largest business forum dedicated to the project‘s third anniversary in London, the celebration of the UWILL branch birthday in Marbella, a fashion trip of the community in Paris, a business week in Dubai, the largest forum, and UWILL Awards in the UAE, a retreat to the Maldives and a magnificent Christmas ball in London. And this is still an incomplete list of activities prepared for the members.

The UWILL prospects, in addition to holding large-scale events in the largest and most developed cities, include opening branches in different countries. Ekaterina states: «‎First of all, we invest as much as possible in ourselves, in our business development, and, of course, in business processes in order to build a project seriously and for a long time. And, of course, the team. Behind any successful business, there is always a strong team. We seriously invest in people. And our global plans are the development of representative offices around the world».

Those wishing to become community ambassadors go through a selection and multi-stage training, as they are entrusted with the responsible task of carrying the mission of UWILL and uniting women who share the community values. Branches already exist and are developing in the UK, UAE, Spain, Germany, Israel, and Russia. Next in line is Asia, and the main goal of 2022 is the United States.

The training of the second representatives’ stream has recently started, which means that by the end of 2022 UWILL will be presented in more than 30 locations.

Yulia says: «‎One very important point is that we are not looking for rapid growth. We do not do business for the sake of business. We are building a stable base. The growth that we have planned is 20 percent per month. Thus, in a year we will grow 9 times, and in 5 years — 56.000 times!»

The community has two subscription options: Standard and Platinum. To get into the latter, you need to pass an interview and prove your expertise with education, experience, and the knowledge and competencies that are required for a speaker on the site.

UWILL is not about «‎balloons in the sky», it’s about real business, so the community’s core is made up of successful female entrepreneurs and strong experts in various niches. However, it is not at all necessary to be an accomplished specialist in order to join the community, it is enough to share the values ​​of UWILL, have ambitions and a desire to move forward and grow.

The most sincere wish of the project creators is that membership in UWILL becomes the answer and solution to any question raised. And everyone could get access to the community, regardless of location.

The UWILL environment is, of course, for strong people who are large-scale inside, who everyone wants and needs to reach out to. UWILL is a runway for such women, it is a base that provides absolutely all the working tools for developing and achieving your goals.

In UWILL, the wonderful expression «Everything is always possible» has been strengthened. It is this postulate that drives the community and helps participants achieve the desired results quickly, efficiently, in partnership, and with the support of the right environment.


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