Precious Code of Individuality

Elegant and concise jewelry, made using the rare Japanese mokume-gane technique, is not only a spectacular demonstration of the exclusivity of their owners’ tastes but also an expression of life philosophy, where the main priority is respect for the workmanship of human and nature. Each of them is a true masterpiece, the possession of which is unique and prestigious.

Modern jewelry art opens up endless possibilities for self-expression, not only for artists but also for consumers. Today, every detail of a modern person’s style manifests his views and attitude to life and bears the stamp of his world perception. And jewelry plays a key role in this demonstration because it encodes the jewelry brand’s individual philosophy, which resonates with its owner’s individuality. However, satisfying this need is not easy in an era when the production of goods and services has been put on stream and turned into industrial production. To do this, you need to know the password words that can open the door to the space of uncompromising creativity and high professional skill. One such word is mokume-gane.

«The jewel’s buyer often does not even think about what they pay money for,» says Vitaliy Astakhov, founder of the English jewelry brand BUUNT. — All these goals and motives can be described in a few words — to stand out, to be different, and to delight others. In fact, the jeweler’s goal is to fight for the sincerity of the feelings of those who see it and become interested. That is why we work using a rare and very laborious metalworking technique known as mokume-gane».

Such an unusual name for Europeans consists of three Japanese hieroglyphs, which can be translated as «wooden», «texture» and «metal». This serves as a good clue as to what effect the finished product produces — a composite metal with a wood grain. Initially, mokume-gane was a completely military technology and had no direct relation to jewelry art. The gunsmith Denbei Shaomi, who in the 17th century was engaged in the manufacture of long Japanese swords — katanas, is considered to be the author of this metal processing method. «‎Making a katana handle is a separate art form in Japan,» notes Vitaliy Astakhov. «‎Therefore, the idea of ​​combining metals makes it possible to obtain a relief close to nature, they form complex patterns, which gives each product a unique individuality, nobility, and sophistication».

And today, despite the fact that Europeans first saw this unique metal print back in the middle of the 19th century, the number of craftsmen and brands outside of Japan who comprehended all the secrets of technology and managed to improve it is very small. The point here is not only the exceptional complexity of the «‎smoky forging» process itself, which cannot be automated and unified even at the present stage of technical equipment but also the special emotional charge of these things. Indeed, due to the fact that they are all made by hand, they bear a special imprint of the exclusivity of a real work of art and are charged with the energy of a skilled jeweler’s creativity.

«The uniqueness of jewelry made using the mokume-gane technique lies in their originality and a huge creative component,» emphasizes the founder of the brand. — Maybe that’s why the buyers of these products are people with high intellectual demands, finely versed in jewelry art. They appreciate the special eco-philosophy of this art, where, following Japanese traditions, the natural component is very strong. It is no coincidence that the texture of such rings, pendants, and earrings never repeats itself like a saw cut of a tree or a fingerprint. And the collections’ ideas are born from everything that surrounds us — endless galaxy abyss, moon craters, soft pink and white sakura flowers, bright patterns of butterfly wings, or even tortoiseshell relief. Mokume-gane always has something to surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur of art».

The technology‘s complexity does not allow manufacturers to expand production, so they pay special attention to quality control, both of the products themselves and of additional services. «‎Our priority is to maintain the brightness of our customers’ feelings, so we give a lifetime warranty on all our products, we provide cleaning and restoration services for free,» adds Vitaliy Astakhov. Innovations based on professional craftsmanship, centuries-old traditions of aesthetic perception of the world in its laconic perfection, as well as a special look at modern jewelry art, give rise to a unique fusion of harmony and perfection in modern masterpieces in the mokume-gane technique that carry the precious code of your individuality.


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