Business Leaders Unite for Ukraine’s Victory at Big Money Charitable Forums

Over two months, seven charitable business forums, known as Big Money, were conducted in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, London, Valencia, and Alicante. With over 2,500 participants, including 43 Ukrainian entrepreneurs who served as speakers, these events facilitated the exchange of experiences, strategies for business expansion amid crises and conflicts, and insights into how they are currently supporting Ukraine.

According to Alexey Gorbachev, the Big Money charitable forums are an opportunity to assist not only in the realm of investments but also in offering advice and recommendations.

“My main goal, when I take the stage, is not just about making money but also about providing help. When people share their experiences, they typically convey socially positive insights. However, in my articles, I also draw upon negative experiences that can prevent future mistakes. After all, we are all human, and we all make mistakes.

I would like people attending Big Money, learning from me in my presentations, to always receive honest information that can help them and prevent mishaps. Because we are all here to help each other, and my philosophy is grounded in partnership and collaboration”, shared Alexey, an investment advisor, developer, and TOP SELLER at the real estate agency AX CAPITAL in Dubai.

The forums served as a platform not only for knowledge exchange but also for building a vast network within the business community. Workshops, networking games, and lectures from leading experts provided insights into planning strategies, time management secrets, and methods for business development and survival during crisis periods.

However, the primary focus of these events was their charitable aspect. Participants had the opportunity to purchase charitable tickets, directing the proceeds to support the Ukrainian army. During this period, an incredible amount of 2,625,250 hryvnias was raised, which has already been donated to various charitable foundations, including United24 and V.I.P Ternopil. Throughout the extensive invasion, a total of 8,559,637 hryvnias have been donated.

These funds will play a crucial role in meeting the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and supporting their vital initiatives. According to the organizers, every hryvnia collected during the Big Money forums is intended to assist the army by providing necessary resources for mission fulfillment. This forum format not only brings industrial leaders and talented entrepreneurs together but also contributes significantly to a charitable cause.

Throughout the year, more than 20 forums have been conducted globally, recognizing the Ukrainian diaspora and entrepreneurs who have relocated their businesses or are taking their first steps in a new city. Igor Klyha, CEO of Big Money, emphasized that from the onset of the war, Big Money has evolved into a social project working for the benefit of the Ukrainian people and the army.

The Big Money forum has become not only a hub for exchanging ideas and knowledge but also a genuine platform for supporting national defense forces. These events proved to be a source of strength, energy, and new knowledge, giving rise to success stories of emerging Ukrainian entrepreneurs. It is a true amalgamation of forces for the common goal—prosperity and defense of Ukraine.


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