The new head of Disney Bob Iger: we will continue to change this world for the better

On November 21, Disney unexpectedly announced a change in leadership: Bob Chapek left the corporation. Instead, the board of directors brought back Bob Iger, who managed the holding for about 20 years and made it incredibly successful.

The new head of Disney has already held a meeting with his subordinates and announced the course of the company’s development. According to Iger, the corporation will continue to support minorities and change this world for the better through its films, games, series and other content.

“One of the core values of our stories is inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. And we cannot lose these features. We must continue to change this world for the better.”

At the same time, the head of Disney is well aware that you can’t please everyone. Therefore, he does not hope to convince people who do not agree with the policy of his company. As for any major changes, it’s too early to talk about them – Eiger returned to the holding just a week ago. We will see the first fruits of his work in 2023.


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