Vlad Sytnik – Golden voice of Ukraine

Vlad Sytnik is a Ukrainian singer and Golden voice of Ukraine. He is an artist who entered the TOP-30 best voices in the world. Vlad is also an ambassador of the Ukrainian Football Association.
Each song, that I performed at one time or another in my life, was special for me and resonated in my heart. But there are songs that played an important role in a certain period of my life.
This is exactly what the song “Sokolyata” (Falcons) by the outstanding Ukrainian author Vyacheslav Khursenko became for me. At first it brought me victory. Then it began to sound special when I lost the dearest person in the world, my father.
Now when there is a war in our country, the song has taken on a new meaning.
Millions of people listen to it, pray and believe that their sons will return home alive and everything will change for the better. I have always believed that music is medicine for the soul, it inspires and gives strength, smile and faith.
Now we all want to believe that very soon only music, not the sounds of sirens and explosions, will sound on the streets of our native country.

Style: Andreas Moskin


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